Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 140 - Twenty Weeks of Fasting!

Oh yaaaaaa... been doing this for twenty weeks now. Twenty weeks!!! Can you believe it? For those of you who have been following this from the beginning... it's been twenty weeks. Started June 13th... wow. What have you put into your body since then? I know what I've put in mine! *smiling*

I've put a whole lotta tomatoes. A bushel of fennel, celery, garlic and onion. Boxes and boxes of cantaloupe... and a bounty of young coconuts. Yup... those seem to be my main juices on this fast. All of which pleases me since they are such healthy choices!

No cakes, pies, cookies, junk food of any kind. No animal products - except a few teaspoons of raw honey in some tea. Nothing that really bad for me. Ahhhhh what a gift this is to my body. What a gift indeed.

I've spent hours in meditation. Many more in the sauna. I've walked for miles, danced while laying down in the tub and even tried my hand at water fasting!

I've slept - sometimes more than usual, other times less. My dreams have become so normal now... that I don't even look at them as being bizarre and overly colourful. LOL I have little to no detox happening and am still having a bm on a very regular basis. No enemas, no colonics... nothing to assist me - just letting my body do what a body does naturally.

I'm smiled, I've cried... I've released emotions and dealt with emotions. I've cleansed my life and my relationships.

I've discovered that not knowing what this fast will bring is not a bad thing. I've learned to go with the flow at a deeper level than I was before - and I thought I had this 'go with the flow' down pat before! Such a gift to discover what an extended fast can bring.

My spirituality has gone to deeper levels. I'm in a totally new place and loving it. My Reiki has grown... the Light within me is brighter.

My eyes are in such a state of constant brightness that I forget I have 'fasting eyes'... and just assume they have always been this clear and vibrant! This is my new norm.

Today is day one hundred and forty. I've been walking this path for twenty weeks.

Such ease has flowed with this fast... and I am hopeful that the ease will continue and I'll regain my protein levels quickly (from my 9 days of water fasting earlier this month) and surprise and amaze my doctor even more! I can only anticipate the look on his face when he reads my nice protein levels after my blood test this month! Ohhhh yaaaaa this mama is rawkin' this fast!

So... today I'll celebrate with a case of pineapples. I'll sit at the crystal bowl meditation tonight and ponder my journey so far and welcome tomorrow... but most importantly... I will sit in the now. I will be mindful. I will continue to bring mindfulness to every fibre of my being.

As that is truly the greatest gift I've had with this fast. Being mindful for twenty weeks... being mindful every moment of this - what a gift that is!

in light and love,
a very appreciative,

I am so happy and grateful for my Light, lean, healthy being.
I am so grateful for this fast and all it's gifts.
I am so blessed to have so much support around me.
I am so happy and grateful for my hubby, kids and 'fellowship of fasters' who gently offer a listening ear when needed.
I am so happy and grateful for my life.

Thanks be to the Goddess, so mote it be, blessed be. An it harm none, do as ya will.



  1. I sat down to go through my "favorites" file today and delete stuff. I had not seen a new post for awhile and was sad that I may delete this blog. I clicked on it for one last time and there you were!
    What an inspiration you are to me today. I have done raw food a couple of times for 9 months at a time and then I always fall off the wagon. I really need to try again and your post has inspired me to do a detox and get back to that feeling I miss so much of having such a clear mind when on the raw food diet.
    Thanks for the post and you are staying in my favorites!
    You look great. :)

  2. were is this sculture? in what city?...bye